For Miami-Dade County Only 

These are the procedures for all General Contractors to be used during the COVID-19 Emergency Period for requesting inspection services: 

  1. Log into our website at: and Click on the COVID-19 Emergency Inspections  
  1. To schedule an inspection, Click on “Schedule an Inspection” 
  1. Enter the Permit Number for the inspection being requested 
  1. Create Username and Password 
  1. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to activate your account  
  1. Log in with your Username and Password 
  1. Under “Jurisdiction”, select “CAP” 
  1. Select Inspection Type  
  1. Submit Request,  
    a. In the Notes Section include Inspection Code to match Miami-Dade County Permit System.  
    b. You will be able to specify the scope and the preferred time of the Inspections. 
  1. Confirmation  
  1. If you need to cancel the inspection as requested, please follow the link sent in the confirmation email that you will receive for each individual request. 

All General Contractors are required to have the approved set of permit documents on site and the Inspections Log, which must remain at the job site at all times to record inspection results.  

In order for these inspections to be provided in a timely manner, all requests shall be made before 5:00 PM

You may access the online Inspection Request Platform from any device or computer. 

If you have any questions, please call our COVID-19 Hotline at
(954) 661-8855.