Plans Review

CAP’s staff has extensive experience & mastery of providing plans review services for municipal and educational clients in South Florida.  Our plan review services can be further enhanced and expedited with our proven Electronic Plan Review (EPR) services.

CAP’s Electronic Plan Review (EPR) services have proven to expedite the plan review process, as well as facilitate improved communications, documentation and project management.  With EPR, the project designers can submit and re-submit all applications, plans, corrections and documents in an organized digital environment with no need to physically deliver plans and documents.  In turn, our plan review professionals provide comments in a user-friendly electronic format that documents requirements and activity for use by designers, contractors and managers.  The CAP EPR service is smartly and successfully implemented as simply as filling-out on-line forms, uploading files, and responding to emails and notifications. Utilizing CAP’s EPR services saves time, money and improves results.