Remote Inspections are conducted by using a video call on a Smart Phone or Tablet to interact with a CAP Inspector.

The process for Remote Inspections is as follows:

The permit holder will schedule the inspection online using the link below.


When scheduling the inspection, the permit holder must indicate in the Notes Section that this is a “Remote Inspection”.

The permit holder must provide contact name, number and contact email address so that the Inspector can schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting invite.

On the day of the scheduled inspection, the Inspector will contact the permit holder and schedule a meeting for the specific inspection time.

The meeting invite will contain instructions on requirements and documents that need to be submitted to the Inspector prior to the Virtual Team meeting. (based on the inspection type) readily available. For example, a tape measure level, GFCI tester, ladder, flashlight, etc.


Ensure your inspection location and your Smart Phone or Tablet have 4G Connectivity. You must have the Microsoft Team App for the remote virtual inspection.

Make sure the Smart Phone or Tablet is fully charged.

Be ready to accept a video call at the scheduled time and respond to requests from the Inspector.

Make sure the auto rotate feature on your phone is turned on. •It is recommended the use of a headset to control background noise from disrupting the call.

Make sure to move slowly so the inspector can see the image clearly.

Allow camera a moment to focus when showing specific items.

Make sure any testing equipment, manometer, pressure valves are already set up. Have the required tools (tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, etc.)

Turn off the phone or tablet notifications during the video call. Notifications freeze the video call and will cause delays to the inspection or could require the inspection to be rescheduled.

If you have any questions please contact our

IT Department at (786) 515-0967